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22, 23, 24 October 2008

*DNK and Axes curating at Temporary Art Centre, Eindhoven. *
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22, 23, 24 October 2008

DNK in collaboration with Axes, Eindhoven is curating a festival as part of Dutch Design Week.


Temporary Art Centre
Vonderweg 1, Eindhoven.


Wednesday October 22:

Martijn Tellinga

Martijn Tellinga is a Dutch based composer and sound artist making acoustical installations and electro-acoustic music. His work has been shown the world over and for this festival three pieces for solo computer with four speakers will be presented.

1. 'noDEs_' 12'44
2. CIrcallEs_' 12'18
3. 'pRotOCol I_' 10:10

Wandelweiser ensemble plays Antoine Beuger

Antoine Beuger is one of the founders of the composers and performers collective Wandelweiser. A group of musicians dedicated to structurally vigorous composition and performance of pieces heavily grounded in post Cage silence aesthetics.

Antoine Beuger - flute
Taylan Susam - clarinet
Marcus Kaiser - cello
Koen Nutters - upright bass

Thursday October 23:

James Beckett - Untitled - (series of sketches for four basses, pedal and mallets)

Among other directions in improvised and composed concerts, James is working with drone. Be that drone of bagpipes, fridges, electric accordions or motorbikes, his emphasis lies on diversity of source. With this live piece for four basses, he will play a series of shorter sketches (as opposed to the durational drone) exciting each instrument with a range of percussion mallets, creating several simultaneous feedback loops.

Coming from a background of installation, sound has come to develop a more central role in his work. This has been a research-based activity with output ranging from radio documentaries to mock ethnic bands, and museum displays documenting the cultural and physiological effects of noise. Together with visual practice he is also a member of the musicians collective, 'N-Collective', as well as freelance curator (on occasion), with a focus on sound.

TAPE THAT plays The Catalogue

"The Catalogue of Flat Hits" is a collection of, currently, 156 short, static pieces composed of object sounds, field recordings, microphonics, and samples.

Christophe Meierhans - Samples, Mixer, Microphones
Koen Nutters - Objects, MiniDiscs, Mixer, Microphones

Friday October 24:


A nonstop musical performance with cooking.

Gert-Jan Prins - Analogue sound processing, electronics and microphones
Raed Yassin - Double bass and objects
Koen Nutters - Double bass and objects
+ Andre Avelas - the chef.


The terrifyingly brilliant Norwegian duo MoHa! Now with a brand new album on Rune Grammofon - One-way Ticket to Candyland.

Anders Hana - guitar, keyboard
Morten J Olsen - drums, electronics

Every night wrapped up by the DNK DJ Unit

Two festival long installations:

Andre Avelas - Untitled, 2008

An installation based on a configuration of large-scale weather balloons and musical instruments which are set up to produce an immersive and constantly shifting environment that changes throughout the duration of each day.

Justin Bennett - Shotgun Architecture (2008).

Shotgun Architecture was developed during an artist in residency period at the Virtueel Museum Zuidas, Amsterdam, where it is part of the exhibition Vrije Ruimten 3 until November 2nd. The recording has been released as a record in collaboration with Onomatopee, Eindhoven and Filter, Hamburg.