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13-20 December, 2020
‘presence (Un) presence’ - Martijn Tellinga

at Zone2Source,

13 – 20 December 2020, daily from 12 pm – 6 pm.

8 day performative installation piece for images, objects, performative actions, and sound.

with performers: Heather Frasch, Koen Nutters, Rishin Singh, Aimée Theriot, Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec

‘presence (Un) presence’ is a self-evolving environment for images, objects, performative actions. And sound. The piece follows Martijn Tellinga’s ongoing interest in the musicality of space and situation, and his current research into extending principles of musical process, collaboration and esthetics to negotiate the layered composition of installation work.

Throughout its unfolding 8-day event-structure, ‘presence (Un) presence’ slowly gains shape as a contingent, spatio-visual dialogue between the emerging interactions of 5 interpreters testing the musical potential of largely silent gestures, and a gradually building multichannel AV meditation on musical memory, anticipation and experience.

Utilising a score-based approach to installation, the work aims to transpose musical system, reading and delivery onto this speculative musical space, particularly probing how non-sounding agencies of diverse kind can express musical form by entering into dialogue with the sounding, with the ‘musical’ and with each other. Disconnected from the necessity of sound & listening, ‘presence (Un) presence’ invites the visitor to engage with the fundamental ideas of music composition and performance through this proposed expanded setting. How can musical ideas as abstract objects travel between- and materialise within different mediums and situations?

The exhibition at Zone2Source is the first public presentation of this current, exploratory chapter of work of Martijn Tellinga, which distinguishes musicality as process from music as a sounding result. The project is concerned with imagining an intermedia concept of musicality which is able to function as a generative compositional devise crossing material boundaries, and, ultimately, proposes the possibility for music to express and affect through transformable mediums and formats.

Martijn Tellinga is an artist, composer and occasional performer. His practice enfolds elements of concert, installation and performance art. Drawn from a reduced formalist-seeming vocabulary, his work centers on the exploration of modes of music to express ideas of space, place and process: their reciprocal production, contextual intertwining, and potential as a perceptual, performative and social medium. It includes a wide variety of conceptual actions and chance operations, probing the emergent field between intended and accidental occurrences. With DNK-Amsterdam he is co-responsible for a long-running series of events, concerts and exhibitions.

Location: Zone2Source, 'Het Glazen Huis' - Amstelpark, Amsterdam