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19 January 2009

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19 January 2009

Raviv Ganchrow

A special evening showcasing the work of Raviv Ganchrow.

Provisional Arrangements

Provisional Arrangements takes the location of DNK-SMART as the starting point for a series of site-specific sound interventions. By tuning into certain ambient factors, the interventions act to materialize latent aural-spatialities inherent to the building's environment. A series of coordinated live events, will harness subtle contextual acoustics, resonances, and magnetic fields occurring in the audio frequency range, in order to thicken sonorous atmospheres into tangible presences. For one evening, hearing subverts a sense of place through sound, where listening-into amounts to a relational situatedness amongst transient durations.

This project is part of a recent series of works that directly address the everyday acoustic environment, emphasizing a notion of 'place' that is constructed by way of frequency interdependencies between sound, location and listener.

Raviv Ganchrow (US/IL/NL) completed his architectural studies at the Cooper Union, New York, and a second degree at the Institute of Sonology, The Hague. His practice aims at uncovering the interrelations between sound, site and listener by focusing on sound as a material-spatial phenomena-event. Aspects of this are explored through parallel disciplines and media: By way of spatial sound installations, architectural designs, texts and editing as well as the development of sound forming technologies (such as methods for wave field synthesis). He has been teaching architectural design at TU Delft, and is currently a faculty member at The Institute of Sonology, The Royal Conservatory, The Hague.