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17 November 2008

*The DNK Ensemble plays Antoine Beuger. *
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17 November 2008

This week, the DNK Ensemble, a group assembled especially for this concert plays the music of Antoine Beuger.

Meinong nonets, 2005 - Antoine Beuger

alexius meinong (1853 – 1920): austrian philosopher, who was convinced, that so-called real, existing objects are only a minute subset of the infinite set of items, which can be objects of our thoughts. this set notably includes non-existent, fictional and even impossible objects (like “the round square”). his theory of objects (‘gegenstandstheorie’), often ridiculed after being criticized by bertrand russell, was rediscovered in the 1970’s by logicians and formal ontologists.

A piece for 9 musicians in a spatialized set up.

Antoine Beuger - flute
Anne La Berge - flute
Taylan Susam - clarinet
Jason Alder - bassclarinet
Seamus Cater - harmonica
Hilary Jeffery - trombone
Jacob Plooy - violin
Markus Kaiser - cello
Koen Nutters - upright bass

Antoine Beuger is one of the founders of the composers and performers collective Wandelweiser. A group of musicians dedicated to structurally vigorous composition and performance of pieces heavily grounded in post Cage silence aesthetics.