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1 December 2008

*Alexander Bruck / Mike Majkowski*
series for
new live
and acoustic
music in
1 December 2008

Set 1:

Alexander Bruck - Viola & Electronics

Alexander Bruck is a violist active on the contemporary and experimental music scene in Mexico. Born into a musical family in Germany, he has traversed through professional symphonic work, study of philosophy and advanced instrumental studies with the likes of Garth Knox (a former member of the Arditti Quartet). He works with numerous groups in Mexico and has commisioned many young contemporary Mexican composers to write for him, including the Amsterdam resident Juan Felipe Waller. Tonight he presents a solo electro-acoustic piece.

Set 2:

Mike Majkowski - Double bass, voice, whistling.

This young Australian bassist currently resident in Amsterdam returns to DNK for a solo show after an excellent performance in the last Open D.I. Night. Majkowski works in the fields of new music and structured improvisation, employing an extremely refined instrumental technique and supplementing it with more daring and unconventional forms of performance.