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Thursday 27 November

*Steim & DNK on board MS Stubnitz. Mark Bain / Roux, Myhr / Goh, Simonis / Chantre, Laroche *
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Thursday 27 November

Steim & DNK present an evening of electronic and electro-acoustic music on board MS Stubnitz.

Sebastian Roux (FR) + Kim Myhr (NO)

Sebastien Roux (electronics) and Kim Myhr (guitar, objects, simple mechanics) play electro-acoustic improvisations that operate within a large textural and harmonic area. The poetry of the small sound and gesture is important for both of the artists’ work, and a myriad of these small events make a complex whole. The music shifts quickly from dense to sparse or from pitch to noise. Myhrs´ often simplistic approach to sound and pitch merges with the treatments by Roux, and the difference between acoustic and electronic sounds is blurred. The result is a positive and soft-edged music, where the dynamic and spontaneous interplay between men and machines seem to take the focus.

Manuel Chantre (CA) + Simon Laroche (CA)

Manuel Chantre and Simon Laroche presents an audio-visual performance inspired by the deconstruction of the body-robot. The performers deploy a heavy, brutal and medical atmosphere by generating audio-visual material by manipulating dolls. They use custom software and operate a dialogue between the two machines. They will perform a improvised audio visual set moving between Laroche's Robotdrummer playing dubstep and Chantre's electro-grime-8 bit songs for Game Boy, laptop and modified Christmas cards.

Lee Kwon Goh (MY) + Lukas Simonis (NL)

Lukas Simonis has his roots as an instrumentalist and musical ‘activist’ in the industrial music and noise rock of the Eighties. Being a part of the Rotterdam jazzbunker scene (a collective that consisted of heavy drug induced punk rockers, freejazzers, early electronic musicians and pre-postrock combos), he discovered the delimited world of improvisation. Goh Lee Kwang (family name Goh) is internationally recognized sound artist from Malaysia. He makes sound and audio-visual installations, video works and tape and electro-acoustic improvised music. Goh is also the founder of the music label Herbal International, one of the founding members of n desir studio and also the Experimental Artists Co-op Malaysia.

Mark Bain's Archisonic (Maritime edition)

After two previous Archisonic performances at DNK Mark Bain takes the Motorship Stubnitz as a subject. He uses seismic sensors to detect the natural resonant frequencies of the ship and plays these back into the space creating low frequency architectural feedback. Bain's sound / music has been compared to Pan Sonic at their most extreme and this is the first opportunity to hear the maritime architecture performance.