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12 January 2009

*Anecdotal music with Seamus Cater and Brian McKenna *
series for
new live
and acoustic
music in
12 January 2009

An evening of anecdotal and illustrative music.

Set 1:

Seamus Cater

for Alexis, 2009

A solo piece for just tuned harmonica, vinyl LP, Rhodes piano and song dedicated to Alexis Lapointe, Canadian athlete (1860 - 1924).

Seamus Cater is a musician living in Amsterdam. He plays many different kinds of harmonicas and has been developing breath pieces with new tunings for the instrument. He works in several groups, most notably a harmonica / banjo duet with the NYC banjoist Woody Sullender. Recently he has been song writing after an extended period of research into traditional English music.

Set 2:

Brian Mckenna


A new work for field recordings, sequencing and synthesis. This piece takes as a starting point how mass-transit, mechanical repetition, and the like inspired the music of Kraftwerk... like the sounds and processes of the urban environment and how these materials generate a kind of music as it were...

Brian McKenna is an artist exploring music and video in many contexts. He makes films and is an instrument builder who has built several audio and video sythesisizers in recent years. With Mike Ottink he founded the Amsterdam noise duo VHSUHF, a band who coined the term there's no such thing as a beautiful noise.