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2 February 2009

*Goodiepal & Alle med balloner og terrasser *
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2 February 2009

Goodiepal & Alle med balloner og terrasser

Goodiepal - Electronics, etc.
Anders Jørgen Mogensen - Vocals
Andreas Hauer-Jensen - Drums

Goodiepal joins forces with Alle med balloner og terrasser for his second DNK show.

Goodiepal has to be one of the more singular performers in electronic / experimental music. His use of material(s) is akin to that of visual artists but his work is mostly presented on the musical stage. He is at once musician, philosopher, sculptor, appearing on stage as some kind of conjurer giving a sense that a performance could be anything and go anywhere.

Alle med balloner og terrasser (Hovedstaden, Denmark) create multilayered washes of sound with vocals, drums, electronics and have been described as"...[A] bizar dream of inarticulate vocals and stumbling drums, containing several parallel stories moving at different speeds over various distances, trying to move a sophisticated rhythmical mountain."

With the joining of these two there's bound to be some kind of twist in what they do as individuals, therefore this should prove to be a very special show indeed.