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9 February 2009

*Open D.I. Night #8 *
series for
new live
and acoustic
music in
9 February 2009

Open D.I. Night #8

Direct Input into the DNK Sound system for small acoustic, electro-acoustic or electronic setups.


John Dikeman - Alto saxophone solo

A solo using material based around a specific vocabulary of extended saxophone techniques.

Roberto Garretón - Guitar and computer

A solo for guitar and SuperCollider incorporating layering techniques and granular synthesis. A contrast of intentions between drone and noise.

Viljam Nybacka - Piece for glass and tape.

A piece composed for the performance series '5 in a work not cited', a collaboration between Inari Salmivaara and Nybacka.

Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec - Talks about his work

A sound artist based in Amsterdam and Ljubljana producing work in the fields of mixed media installation, sound interventions in public spaces and composed and improvised music.

Taylan Susam - Clarinet

A solo version of his piece 'for sesshū tōyō' (2008), a collection of pages to be performed by any number of players.  The piece was originally composed for a performance in Christoph Nicolaus' Munich series 'Klang im Turm' and is dedicated to a 15th century Japanese painter.

Alexander Krone - 8 Bit electronics

Artist, broadcaster and musician Alexander Krone plays his latest work for hacked 8 bit electronics.


DJ Sniff - all night in the bar.

Open D.I. Night at DNK means many short solo presentations of hot new local and visiting artists and musicians. This is the place to see the essence of the individual performer or the rawest state of a new idea. In any case a night full of varied approaches, ideas and sounds and never boring (for more than 5 minutes).