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2 March 2009

*Duometrie *
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2 March 2009


Playing the music of John Cage, Morten J. Olsen, Petros Ovsepyan and Koen Nutters.

Carlos Galvez - Bass clarinet
Enric Monfort - Percussion

A short piece about nothing in particular - Koen Nutters (premiere)

Into colors - Petros Ovsepyan (new version try out)

A cheap one way ticket to candyland - Morten J. Olsen (premiere)

Variations III - John Cage

Galvez and Monfort inhabit the more adventurous side of new music as the duo Duometrie. For this program at DNK, they will perform new and extant works including Cage's Variations III, a piece where much responsibility is given to the performers to realise chance procedures. Morten J. Olsen has written a new piece based on the music of MoHa!, and there is a new work by Koen Nutters. They will also perform a new version Petros Ovsepyan's 2005 work Into Colors, originally for marimba and cello. Ovsepyan's music requires a kind of active listening to navigate its unfolding combinations of extreme dynamics and long silences. The concert will take place in the chapel.