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16 March 2009

*Whistle Pig Saloon / Antoine Chessex *
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16 March 2009

Set 1:

Whistle Pig Saloon

Robert van Heumen - Computer, controllers
John Ferguson - Guitar, effects

Whistle Pig Saloon is and electo-acoustic duo for computer and electric guitar that joins British guitarist John Ferguson with Steim's Robert van Heumen. There's an element of smashed up blues recordings re-emerging in the 21st century with plenty of feedback, live sampling and tasteful processing. This show is the launch event for their first album on Creative Sources Recordings.

Set 2:

Antoine Chessex

Solo tenor saxophone

Chessex returns to DNK after a previous show at OT301 where he literally shook the building. His solo performances are intense endeavours where circular breathing techniques on the tenor saxophone react with the sonic architecture of the space creating resonances which totally envelop the space. As well as his frequent solo performances, Chessex works with the likes of Thomas Ankersmit, Lasse Marhaug, C. Spencer Yeh, Chris Corsano & Axel Dörner.