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1 June 2009

*Institute of Sonology / Conservatorium van Amsterdam / Buy the Shu Shu *
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1 June 2009

The last SMART Project Space concert of the 2008/9 season with music from The Institute of Sonology, the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and Amsterdam's newest girl band Buy the Shu Shu.

- Sonology In Concert #5: -

Fedde ten Berge
Resonating Bodies - 4 channel tape

Ji Youn Kang
Enfolding Plane 2 - 4 channel tape

Emmanuel Flores
d.[0] - real time audiovisuals

┴ngel Faraldo
(MISS) - live improvisation

The fifth in our series of presentations of current work of students from the SONOLOGY department of the Conservatory of the Hague. These concerts showcase the newest and best works by young electronic musicians using the most advanced digital means with tape pieces, live electronics and video.

- Conservatorium van Amsterdam -

Sonido 13 Featuring Eršin Kaya
What color is my parachute? volume 2

Harry Cherrin (us/nl)- Saxophone
Jason Alder (us/nl)- Bass clarinet, Clarinet, Live Processing
Eršin Kaya (tr/nl)- Electric Bass Guitar

Sonido 13 is a collective performing microtonal, meditative, electroacoustic improvisations. They combine an array of divergent influences (early minimalism, contemporary classical, electronic, noise) into cohesive and fleeting sound experiences.

- plus -

Buy the Shu Shu

Mariangela Tinelli - voice & small keyboard
Natalia DomÝnguez - electric bass
Chikage Imai - drums

Buy the Shu Shu are a brand new Amsterdam girl band making their debut performance at DNK. As Madam Shu Shu says: they're subversive yet seductive bitches from hell. Seemingly meaningless lyrics disguising a sarcasm with quite some depth, theyĺll charm you with their looks and thumb you with their sound.