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10 September 2007

*Activity Center / Goodiepal *
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10 September 2007

A very special opening to the official DNK season at OT301, with 'Goodiepal' (from the Faroe Islands) and 'Activity Center' (from Berlin).

Set 1:

Activity Center (DE)

Burkhard Beins & Michael Renkel - table percussion, objects / amplified stringboard, electronics

Pure Berlin reductionist sound improvisation.

Set 2:

Goodiepal (DK) - electronics.

Solo electronics from one of Scandinavia's preeminent electronica musicians.

Kristian Vester is an ex Danish pig farmer known as Goodiepal. Also Known as Mainpal Inv. and Gaeoudjiparl. His music is very personal and as with most great things, difficult to categorize. As a sound designer and programmer he worked for firms like Nokia and Lego, but those days are over. He lives on the Faroe Islands and tours actively. A genuine eccentric, he plays vinyl records and Faroe folk instruments and puts on display various small, inexplicable objects built by himself, such as mechanical birds and miniature models of planets.

Activity Center:
Michael Renkel and Burkhard Beins have developed a highly destinctive musical vocabulary. Their long sold out double-CD "M÷wen & Moos" (1999) has been regarded as a milestone of it's genre. After a long period of almost exclusive concentration on the sonic potential of their acoustic instruments (spanish guitar and percussion), the Activity Center has now been amplified, extended by electronic devices and relocated on tables.