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17 September 2007

*N Ensemble / Jeff Carey *
series for
new live
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17 September 2007

Set 1:

N Ensemble - Amsterdam

Carlos Galvez Taroncher - bassclarinet
Koen Nutters - upright bass

Starting out as a duo and soon expanding to the trio format and beyond the N Ensemble concentrates on structured pitch improvisations in the purest form. Beautiful balanced acoustic music on the edge of control.

Set 2:

Jeff Carey - Vector

An electronic composition for 4 speakers.

On the fringe of the SuperCollider Symposium in The Hague, Jeff Carey presents 'Vector' a stunning piece of electronic music.

N Ensemble:
The N Ensemble constists of members and friends of the N-Collective; a pan-european group of improvisors, musicians, composers, and artists. They play structured improvisations and pieces by N composers. This line-up is currently concentrating on the "liquid compositions" of Koen Nutters as well as structures by the other players.

Jeff Carey - Vector:
This algorithmic composition explores different applications of FTT analysis of field recordings made by Jeff Carey in Singapore and Malaysia. Even though the title implies distant travel, Carey asserts that these so-called foreign cultures are not without similarities to his own, closer to home. The piece attempts to reconcile the effect of discovering these 'exotic' sounds by evolving them with synthesis and compositional procedures, eventually rendering them mundane and recognizable to the electronic music afficianado. As the western ear goes through a kind of culture shock, sounds are dispersed with alternatives to panning and localization techniques inspired by Eric Lyon's prismatic spatial diffusion. The piece includes transformation trees described in the 'field composition' techniques by G.M. Koenig and synthesis routines built upon the foundations of SSP (Koenig) and dynamuc stochastic synthesis (Xenakis).