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8 October 2007

*Oguz Buyukberber / Justin Bennett & HC Gilje / VHSUHF *
series for
new live
and acoustic
music in
8 October 2007

A DNK audio-visual special showcasing three diverse approaches to this very broad genre.

Set 1:

Justin Bennett & HC Gilje - Mikro/Makro

A live cinema performance where microscopic image and sound sources are magnified and folded and processed.

Set 2:

Oguz Buyukberber

In solo projects, the clarinettist Oguz Buyukberber combines his background as a visual artist with his highly acclaimed musical skills. For this DNK show he is presenting a semi-improvised electro-acoustic performance combining clarinet and live processing with a recent video work.

Set 3:

Brian Mckenna and Mike Ottink - VHSUHF

"there's no such thing as a beautiful noise"

A basis frequency of 25Hz buzzes perceptibly at the lower levels of ocular flicker-fusion. Provided with a line pressure of 220-volts, the transformers wind through their various step-up and step-down induction procedures whilst their resistance to power leaves them heated, angry, heavy. Tactile digits engage in their manipulations sending forth a cloud of psycho-sexual frustrations, revelations, computations. This emotional storm zapping to the positive but perpetually shifting ground plane, dangerously floating above the mains, modulated by half a century of shoddy workmanship, and neutralized by a sea of self-induced noise.