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22 October 2007

*The International Nothing / Mattin *
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new live
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music in
22 October 2007

Set 1:

The International Nothing

Kai Fagaschinski - clarinet
Michael Thieke - clarinet

The International Nothing is a clarinet duo that turned their thoughts in new directions to find the delicate pleasures one might not associate with such a group. Their compositions are focused on tone material in something like a pipe-organ style. They can in turn sound like one instrument or more than two, utilising the beautiful extremes that multiphonics have to offer. Their pieces have a warm quality and sometimes a slightly song-like flavor.

Set 2:


Hailing from the Basque country, Mattin's approach to the computer as an instrument can be somewhat unconventional. In performances he uses feedback and explores Contrast through high and low volumes, digital and physical sound. Taking the laptop as a physical object, he has been known to scrape and saw its case with a metal file, create sound from the noise of the hard drive or cd writer, or just play its earth hum. It's hard to know what to expect for this solo but you can be sure of a powerful mix of elegance and simplicity. He works regularly with veteran acoustic musicians such as Eddie Prévost and Radu Malfatti and this year he has developed an interest in the use of free software, finding the inherent non-hierarchical nature of 'open-source' to resemble the process of making music in improvisation.