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5 November 2007

*Musique Concrête Now *
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5 November 2007

Musique Concrête Now

An evening which explores the recent history and the current state of Musique concrète with a program of acousmatic works by Lionel Marchetti, Olivier Capparos and Michel Chion. The pieces will be spatialized live on a six channel surround-sound system.


Michel Chion: La ronde 24"
Suite in 10 movements
1982 - INA and GRM studios
Interpreted by Lionel Marchetti

Capparos, Marchetti: Equus (grand véhicule) 33"
Suite in three movements
2002 - INA and GRM studios

Olivier Capparos: A blue book 17"
Studio of the composer

Lionel Marchetti: L'incandescence de l'étoile 21"
1993 - CFMI and the studio of the composer

Lionel Marchetti (1967) is one of the artists who took electroacoustic music out of academic studios and into the field of free improvisation. A scholar who worked at the CFMI (Lyon) and GRM (Paris) studios and published a book on the acousmatic composer Michel Chion. Marchetti developed a set-up of microphones and loudspeakers which he uses on stage along with tape recorders, prepared CDs, motors and radios. He often refers to his instruments as an electroacoustic contraption. His interest in music resides in the qualities of sound.

Michel Chion (1947), Creil. In 1970 after literary and musical studies, he began work for the ORTF (French Radio and Television Organization) Service de la recherche, where he was assistant to Pierre Schaeffer at the Paris’ Conservatoire National de Musique, as producer of broadcasts for the Groupe de Recherche Musicalles (GRM). Parallel to this, he composed musique concrète works in the studios of GRM where he developed highly original compositional techniques.

Olivier Capparos works often focus on the human voice and its interpretation through loudspeaker projection. For several years he collaborated with Lionel Marchetti; together they composed and made many musical works and radio broadcasts. He has composed and conducted many instrumental works for chamber orchestra.