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12 November 2007

*Jim Denley and Silvia Platzer / Lemur Quartet *
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new live
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music in
12 November 2007

Set 1:

Jim Denley - throat miked saxophone
Silvia Platzer - prepared amplified cello

This duo has been collaborating for three years, originally playing acoustically, their current work sees them amplifying their unique performance skills. Jim Denley resonates vocal / breath gestures through wind instruments, exploring fissures between musical systems and noise. His music has been described as "a poetic vision that refers to the ongoing engagement with landscape that has been a constant feature of Australian art for about 20,000 years". Whilst possessing multiple skills which feed into his music, he feels there is no need to make distinctions between his roles as improviser, composer, instrumentalist and technician. As a cellist and performer, Silvia Platzer is mainly interested in the common ground between these disciplines. She discovered sound based improvisation through experiences with physical theatre and dance improvisation, after her earlier classical studies. In her work, sound, movement and space as material are analysed and transformed, becoming new assemblages estranged from their source.

Set 2:

Lemur Quartet:

Bjørnar Habbestad - flute
Hild Sofie Tafjord - horn
Lene Grenager - cello
Michael Duch - bass

Lemur Quartet hails from the rich Norwegian movement in music which seamlessly combines musicians that are highly skilled in both improvised and contemporary music. This scene seems to be finding infinite ways to invent new forms, and within what could be called this zeitgeist of new music, Lemur emerges as an all acoustic improvising group comprising french horn, flute, double bass and cello to make music which offers a fresh and exciting approach to such an ensemble of instruments. Lene Grenager and Hild Sofie Tafjord are members of the highly acclaimed all female group Spunk, and amongst many other projects, Bjørnar Habbestad and Michael Duch are members of the Norwegian branch of the N Collective.