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19 November 2007

*KTL [Stephen O'Malley and Pita] / Ultralyd / DJ Andi Telsi *
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19 November 2007

A Double Bill of Avant-Rock.

This Monday DNK will be raising the roof of Overtoom 301 with two extraordinarily powerful 'Avant-Rock' bands; KTL is a relatively new group made up of Stephen O' Malley and Peter Rehberg, two huge stars in their respective fields, and the Norwegian supergroup Ultralyd who have entirely re-invented the way they construct their musical identity with their recent album which is probably a piece of the history of the wide open terrain of Avant-Rock.

Set 1:


Kjetil Møster - saxophones
Anders Hana - guitar
Kjetil Brandsdal - bass guitar
Morten J. Olsen - drums, electric vibraphone

Ultralyd are returning to the DNK Amsterdam stage for the fourth time since 2005 and need little introduction to our regular audience. Brainwashed magazine described their most recent release as a "twisted wreckage of music being bent into new and exciting shapes... [they] have created a beautiful monster on this album, blowing their previous releases out of the water (which is some feat!). Conditions for a Piece of Music is by far one of the most unique sounding albums of this year". As a Norwegian post-avant rock band, they play beautiful conceptually arranged pitch improvisations and harsh grooves next to walls of coloured texture emanating from bowed guitars and electric vibes. New-conceptual rock textures are stacked and multiplied without compromise to the core integrity.

Set 2:


Stephen O'Malley - guitar
Pita - electronics

KTL has been heralded as a threatening new collaboration taking in the parallel worlds of Extreme Computer Music and Black Metal. The duo is made up of two highly notable artists who seem to have been on a unknown trajectory towards each other for at least a decade. Avantgarde rock icon Stephen O'Malley has founded various seminal drone, doom, death-doom, experimental and noise groups including SUNN O))), and the much lamented KHANATE. an NYC doom metal supergroup which disbanded in September 2006. Sunn O))) are known for their cloak wearing, smoke filled, extremely high volume drone concerts where ambiguous time cycles and structures are unravelled in a slow evolving sonic viscosity. KTL's other half Peter Rehberg (AKA Pita) is an electronic musician also with a big history, he's a sound shaper who was making Glitch music before it had a name. His collaborations with luminaries are countless, in earlier days he worked with Christian Fennesz and Jim O'Rourke, but his style has moved on to an extremity of space and loudness where pure acoustic and analogue sounding elements are digitally re-shaped. Both O'Malley and Rehberg are founders of important experimental record companies, O'Malley founded Southern Lord Records, a home for drone, and Rehberg is the Editions Mego record label boss. These two worlds are forged together in a sonic foundry of slow oscillating noise.


DJ Andi Telsi playing his favourite avantgarde hits.