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26 November 2007

*Jason Kahn & Gilles Aubry in two parallel listening environments. Starting at 20:00 *
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26 November 2007

Tonight, DNK presents two artists working in the visual and sonic arts. Each will occupy his own space and concurrently they will create four hours of sustained recorded and synthesized sonorities in the parallel listening environments. The concert begins at 20:00 and runs until 0:00; the audience is encouraged to move freely from one space to the other.

Studio 1:

Jason Kahn - Quadrophonic exhibition of manipulated shortwave radio static.

Jason Kahn is a sound and visual artist based in Zürich. He draws, makes sound installations and is both performer and composer. His compositions address the physical and psychological elements of sound and how they shape our consciousness. Depending on context he utilises different combinations of percussion, analogue synthesizer or computer for performances. He is currently developing a new work (Wires) at Q-o2, an artist initiative project space for music and visual art in Brussels.

Studio 2:

Gilles Aubry - Berlin Backyards.

Gilles Aubry makes live performances, sound installations and CD works. He combines field recordings, computer programming, surround sound and hacked electronics. His work 'Berlin Backyards' is a sound piece based on recordings of several backyards in Berlin made during the winter 2006. In the urban context, backyards are interesting in that they are transitory spaces between private and public territories. This minimal sound piece is assembled using custom software which generates a flow of sound by blending the backyard recordings to reveal the spaces progressively, it is an invitation for deep listening which continually reminds the listener of their role as composer.


Tonight, the bar will be In the PSWAR gallery space (in the OT301 building) with sounds by the AK47 Soundsystem: Andre Avelas and Koen Nutters.