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17 December 2007

*Thomas Ankersmit / Blast4tet *
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17 December 2007

It's the last DNK of 2007 and we're ending the year with a special blend of the minimal and the maximal. Thomas Ankersmit's work with saxophone or electronics is always concise and focussed and we're happy to have him at DNK after his last show was cancelled at the last minute. Blast4tet has a history which goes back to the early nineties and while their grouping of instruments would normally be associated as being a jazz line-up, their unique methods of communication create a massive sound world which defies that kind of categorisation.

Set 1:

Thomas Ankersmit - modular analogue synthesizer and powerbook

Thomas Ankersmit (b.1979) is a Dutch musician and installation artist based in Berlin. Initially an improvising saxophonist, his activities expanded to include live electronic music and installation pieces based on architectural acoustics and infrasound. He has been performing solo and in collaboration with other artists such as New York minimalist Phill Niblock, Kevin Drumm, Jim O'Rourke, Gert-Jan Prins, Borbetomagus and Alvin Lucier since 1998. Since 2003, Ankersmit most frequently collaborates with Niblock and Milan-based electroacoustic improviser Giuseppe Ielasi. His electronic music combines realtime performance using modular analogue synthesizers with digital editing and multitrack recording.

Set 2:

Dirk Bruinsma - woodwinds with electronics
Paed Conca - electric bass, electronics
Fabrizio Spera - drums, percussion, objects
Frank Crijns - electric guitar, devices

With Blast4tet, composition and improvisation are integrated as much as possible. They develop new ways of notation and interplay, a way of playing in which time is used with an utmost flexibility where the players are also conductors. Their scores make use of graphical writing, polymetrics, free choice of parameters, etc. This reduces the harshness of transitions between the improvised and composed material, and creates an exciting and coherent sound. By employing electro-acoustics and sound deformation, their range of dynamics becomes wider and the tension between abstract and tonal music is more emphasized. With all those possibilities at their disposal their flexibility means no piece sounds the same twice.

+ DJ K

DNK returns on the 21st of January with Open DI Night #5.