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21 January 2008

*Open D.I. Night #5 *
series for
new live
and acoustic
music in
21 January 2008

After a five week break we're opening our doors for the 2008 season with the fifth in our Open D.I. Night series. It's an evening of artists who are very closely connected to DNK and therefore a great opportunity to welcome the new year in good company.

Open D.I. Night #5

Direct Input into the DNK Sound system for small acoustic, electro-acoustic or electronic setups.


Idan Hayosh - installation artist
Radboud Mens - electronic musician
Yutaka Hoshino - DIY musician
Marc Spruit - improvising musician
Seamus Cater - electro-acoustic musician
Andre Avelas - artist / noisician

Open D.I. Night at DNK means many short solo presentations of hot new local and visiting artists and musicians. This is the place to see the essence of the individual performer or the rawest state of a new idea. In any case a night full of varied approaches, ideas and sounds and never boring (for more than 5 minutes).

+ DJ - Mr. Foo - (of 'Obnoxious Obnoxious')

Italo-trash through the night.