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28 January 2008

*Shackle / Paul Hubweber with DJ Sniff *
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28 January 2008

Tonight's DNK is a co-production with STEIM (the studio for electro-instrumental music, Amsterdam) and is a showcase for two highly particular duos where acoustic virtuosos are paired with musicians using electronic means.

Set 1:


Anne La Berge has developed a unique identity as a flautist and is much in demand by composers and fellow improvisors alike; in Shackle she appears with STEIM's Robert van Heumen, a hard hitting sound manipulator working with STEIM's live sampling software LiSa. Here is a group which set itself the task of exploring the concept of 'shackling' through musical materials and somehow managed to pull it off. Their performances have a beautiful transparency where projected visual clues enable the audience to hear better their musical interpretations of the 'shackle' (a metal loop which connects chains) and feel a great empathy with their music.

Anne La Berge - flute, electronics
Robert van Heumen - electronics, laptop

Set 2:

Paul Hubweber with DJ Sniff

Paul Hubweber plays the trombone and continues searching for new techniques on the instrument, extending it's extant usage and repertoire. His duo tonight is with STEIM's DJ Sniff (AKA Takuro Mizuta Lippit). Sniff is no stranger to DNK, having given several excellent performances over the last couple of years; he is a musician / turntablist seduced into computer programming and instrument building in the name of firmly updating the turntable's legitimacy as an instrument for the 21st Century. This is the first time Hubweber and Sniff have shared the stage but they are brought together by a mutual appreciation of each others keen instrumental and performance skills.

Paul Hubweber - trombone
DJ Sniff - turntable, electronics

+ DJ Master Fader