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4 February 2008

*Annette Krebs with Luca Venitucci / Jeff Carey / DJ Total Eclipse of the Heart *
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4 February 2008

Set 1:

Jeff Carey - Untitled (for speaker quartet) - 14'

DNK is pleased to present another new work by Jeff Carey. Carey is a hugely respected performer and composer in both analogue and digital domains. This new work is an electronic composition for four speakers and two bass bins. Surprisingly, the sounds are not designed to move through the sound image. Instead, each speaker is treated like an individual performer, where all four speakers play the same kind of material and differences in interpretation cause differences in sound quality and timing, thereby creating the perception of frantic motion in the sound field as well as the sense of four different sources throwing material at you. A spectacular piece!

Set 2:

Annette Krebs - tabletop guitar, objects
Luca Venitucci - accordion, electronic devices

Highly active on the Berlin avant-garde scene, this duo is an excellent example of how two musicians existing between the composed and improvised worlds of acoustic and electro-acoustic music can create the most subtly drawn out compositions. Beautiful unresolved tensions hang in the air as they explore the areas where acoustic sounds start to sound electronic and vice versa. Krebs has to be the best known tabletop guitar improvisor in this scene and Venitucci shows up in all manner of places performing countless styles and genres of music. A great opportunity to hear two very skilled craftsmen at work.

+ DJ Total Eclipse of the Heart