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3 March 2008

*Eugene Chadbourne / Antoine Chessex *
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3 March 2008

Eugene Chadbourne and Antoine Chessex, two highly travelled solo performers, touch down in Amsterdam on the same night.

Set 1:

Antoine Chessex - tenor saxophone

The Swiss tenor player Antoine Chessex is an extremely engaging soloist who takes over any space he happens to occupy. In this setting he's playing drone tenor saxophone, but is equally at home playing his horn through multiple distortion pedals invoking a kind of haunting and beautiful feedback terror. As well as constantly touring Europe as a soloist, he is also a member of the doom-improv rock quartet moNNo with laptopper Gilles Aubrey (The Same Girl).

Set 2:

Eugene Chadbourne - banjo and song

DNK welcomes back Eugene Chadbourne after his 2007 performance with Kevin Blechdom. Long known as an experimentalist, playing banjo, guitar and of course singing songs, Chadbourne has built a unique performance style, influenced by blues, free jazz, country and noise, and having synthesised these genres, re-forged them into a style of great charm and humour. Chadbourne's collaborations over the years include John Zorn, Fred Frith, Derek Bailey and Jimmy Carl Black to name but a few, and if one exists he has to be considered a great ambassador of the free-folk avant-garde. Not to be missed!