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17 March 2008

*collectief reFLEXible / Woody Sullender & Seamus Cater / DJ Total Eclipse of the Heart *
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17 March 2008

Set 1:

DNK / STEIM Residency presentation:

collectief reFLEXible
Stefan Prins - live-electronics (The Granulator)
Thomas Olbrechts - alto saxophone
Joachim Devillé - trumpet, flugelhorn

A group which has been established for quite some time, making beautiful and subtle improvised and structured electro-acoustic music. Previously they have worked at QO2 in Brussels and this concert is a presentation of their current residency at Steim in Amsterdam.

Set 2:

Woody Sullender - banjo
Seamus Cater - harmonica

Two instruments with a lot of cultural baggage played by two musicians involved in contemporary music where such cultural associations are not so common. A little new / folk / drone look into re-interpretations of instrumental and stylistic conventions with Woody Sullender, a banjoist on the New York / Brooklyn / Jersey scene and DNK's Seamus Cater, a harmonica player and composer in Amsterdam.

+ DJ Total Eclipse of the Heart