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10 March 2008

*Michiel De Haan & Marc Spruit / Rough Americana *
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10 March 2008

A DNK-Amsterdam & Mediamatic co-productioan.

This week there are two very different groups utilising turntables and guitars. From Brooklyn, Rough Americana is a duo comprising two members of NYC's Burnt Sugar, and from Holland, Michiel De Haan & Marc Spruit, Spruit was last seen at DNK in Open DI Night #5.

Set 1:

Michiel De Haan & Marc Spruit

Marc Spruit turntables, mix-tracks
Michiel de Haan guitar, mix-tracks

With radical cut-ups De Haan & Spruit create instant compositions which balance the acoustic and electronic elements of their sound world.

Set 2:

Rough Americana

Mutamassik - turntables, tapes and effects
Morgan Craft - guitar with device

Guitarist Morgan Craft and DJ Mutamassik, a New Yorker turntablist with Egyptian roots make up Rough Americana. As a DJ, her style combines Egyptian and African music with hardcore and hip hop beats and her duo with Morgan Craft is a meeting of improvisers with a penchant for mixing up the noisy rougher cut side of beats with all kinds of electro acoustic interruptions.