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24 March 2008

*DNK-Amsterdam and Hallo Gallo! present: Datashock / Time Life / Nonhorse / Crank Sturgeon *
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24 March 2008

DNK-Amsterdam / Hallo Gallo! present:

Four groups and solo players afloat in the versatile field of DIY experimentation. In a world where most music is accessed through iPods and software, these are artists associated with open fields of free expression, distributing their self made wares through international tape / cdr / vinyl labels that defy the mainstream forms of music sharing. This is a family that loves and celebrates the self created object and the unexpected accidents of the improvised inventive situation. Their identification with animals and natural cycles play an important role in their performances. A night of playfulness, from misty cloud surfing to crystal clear pleasure!

Datashock (high tech drone collective from Germany)

Time Life (free jam duo from Brooklyn, NY)

Nonhorse (tape DJ from Brooklyn, NY, George Lucas Crane of Time Life)

Crank Sturgeon (stand up comedy noise solo performance, US)

+ DJ Andi Telsi