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31 March 2008

*Mark Bain's Archisonic / Taylan Susam & Joseph Kudirka *
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31 March 2008

This concert is DNK's last Monday night at OT301. From April the 7th we will be moving the series to Smart Project Space. We will continue to present specific concerts at OT301 and would like to say a big thank you to them for hosting us over the years.

Set 1:

Boredom & Danger:
Compositions by Taylan Susam and Joseph Kudirka


Taylan Susam clarinet
Joseph Kudirka - ukulele
Nina Hitz - cello
Daniel Ploeger - trombone
Ernst van den Hemel - speaker


Joseph Kudirka: Seven Minutes for Trombonist (2008)
Daniel Ploeger - trombone
Originally written for Daniel Ploeger.

Taylan Susam: schoorel (2008)
Ernst van den Hemel - speaker
A dedication to Maaike Schoorel, painter of empty situations in which things can emerge.

Joseph Kudirka: Solidarity (2007)
Nina Hitz, Daniel Ploeger, Joseph Kudirka, Taylan Susam
'A Quilt for Christian Wolff'

Taylan Susam: for anthony fiumara (2006)
Nina Hitz, Daniel Ploeger, Taylan Susam, Joseph Kudirka

Set 2:

Mark Bain - Archisonic

Archisonic is a live sound piece created by the artist / architect brothers Mark and John Bain. The piece uses seismic sensors to detect the natural resonant frequency of a building and plays this back into the space creating low frequency architectural feedback. After the huge success of their LMC shows in London and Glasgow, DNK presents their Amsterdam premiere. The show has been compared to Pan Sonic at their most extreme and is definitely not for the faint hearted.

+ DJ Total Eclipse of the Heart