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28 April 2008

*x[presidentes+bigote] / Ángel Arranz *
series for
new live
and acoustic
music in
28 April 2008

Set 1:


Keir Neuringer - saxophone and electronics
Carlos Iturralde - guitar and electronics

Iturralde (Mexico) and Neuringer (New York) aka The x[presidentes+bigote] are a duo whose appearances are dynamic, real-time battles for hearts and minds that make use of lo- and hi-fi electronic devices (some made in factories in China, some made by Carlos in Mexico City) along with saxophone, guitars, and pre-recorded cassette tapes that they never secured the rights to.

Set 2:

Ángel Arranz
Punto Intenso contra Remisso - for cello + electronics - 23’

Jan Willem Troost - cello
Ángel Arranz - electronics (tape & reverberation control)

This composition starts from emptiness, reaches its maximum amplitude and dies out. It is informed by the Platonic concept 'farmakon' which is scrutinised by Derrida in his essay ‘La disemination’. Here, Logos is brought into question, the spoken word is compared with writing, the remedy for preserving memory, and at the same time, the agent which causes its extinction, making farmakon a concurrent concept of remedy and poison.

Ángel Arranz is a Spanish composer currently completing a Masters in Sonology at the Koninklijk Conservatorium in Den Haag. With a particular interest in composing for solo acoustic instruments with electronics, he explores new possibilities in assemblage and approaches of hybribization of the two instrument families.