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12 May 2008

*C. Spencer Yeh / Audrey Chen / Nate Wooley *
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12 May 2008

A highly intimate evening featuring three soloists. Audrey Chen, Nate Wooley and C. Spencer Yeh, from Baltimore, NYC and Ohio respectively, are about to begin a residency together at STEIM. Before that period begins, they present their solo personae at DNK.

Set 1:

Audrey Chen - Cello and voice

Baltimore based Audrey Chen incorporates traditional and wide ranging extended techniques, combining her skills as cellist and vocalist to make beautiful and touching multi-layered improvisations.

Set 2:

Nate Wooley - Trumpet

Jersey City resident Nate Wooley is no stranger to DNK, after many performances in different line ups we get to hear a stripped down solo set. The thoughtfulness and dynamism present in his playing is matched by his deep knowledge of an instrument which many find hard to free from its usual associations.

Set 3:

C. Spencer Yeh - Violin and electronics

Touring from Cincinnati, C. Spencer Yeh is a soloist and recording artist that far more of us should be familiar with. He was one of The Drone People which included luminaries such as Stephen O'Malley and Carl Michael von Hausswolff, and has been releasing music under the pseudonym Burning Star Core for more than a decade.