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9 June 2008

*Achim Wollscheid *
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9 June 2008

Achim Wollscheid

A live electronic multiple-speaker site specific performance by Achim Wollscheid involving the inner and outer spaces of the Smart Project Space building.

Setting up, taking care of details, connecting cables, testing the sound card, etc, will all be part of a piece which will run for four hours.

"A good deal of music happens in environments that deal with separation. Separation between musician and listener, separation between stage and audience, separation between inside and outside, separation between those who are in the spotlight and those who aren't, separation between those who are supposed to shut up and those who aren't. It's funny to notice that so called contemporary music, presumably in critical relation with tradition has not only maintained those separations but actually needs to cling to them; in order to be acceptable within a representative cultural canon that gratifies the preservation of form with applause and funds. Separation is necessary, for sure. If there were no differences we wouldn't notice anything. Nevertheless, I find, it's worthwhile to wonder and try out, what amount of separation is actually needed and what actually happens if certain boundaries that set up limits, halts and no goes, receive a reduced importance. The music piece planned for dnk questions the limits between in- and outside, between front and back, between silence and sound. In setting up a circuit that constantly records, transforms and replays, listeners and space will become participants of the sonic environment."

Wollscheid, May 08.