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22 September 2008 @ OT301

*The Peeesseye / Talibam! *
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22 September 2008 @ OT301

This Monday is an extra special DNK show at OT301 with two AMAZING contemporary New York underground bands.

Set 1:


Matt Mottel - Synthesizer
Kevin Shea - Drums

A damn heavy duet from NYC, hard to sum up but if you mixed up a little punk rock with some free jazz and plenty of noise you might come out with something like Talibam!

Kevin Shea has been described as the most versatile and articulate drummer of a generation and his pairing with Matt Mottell makes for a muscle bound musical experience which has taken them across the atlantic several times in the last few years. They have brought out numerous cd's, cdr's, records and tapes, garnering praise like "luminous, unexpected masterpiece" for their Ordination of the Globetrotting Conscripts release on Azul Discografica.

Set 2:

The Peeesseye

Jaime Fennelly - Harmonium and electronics
Chris Forsyth - Guitars
Fritz Welch - Percussion

Described as "the most remarkable smorgasbord of back porch minimalism, sound poetry and urban decay”, PSI, or Peeesseye, or The Peeesseye are three fascinating individuals who came together in 2002 where their first show was in NYC's Knitting Factory, since then they have toured extensively through Europe and the US and released CD's on many labels. As well as musical performances in many contexts, all three are active performance and fine artists.

Peeesseye has inspired comparisons to This Heat, Nurse With Wound, Sun City Girls, and AMM and their performances are a kind of highly intelligent and deeply sonorous ritualistic sound space made up of droning acoustic and electronic walls of sound where anything might happen.