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18 January 2010 @ OT301

*MoHa! / Mat Pogo *
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18 January 2010 @ OT301

For one evening DNK returns to the old stamping grounds of OT301 for a night of extremities unfit for the formality of the theatre. MoHa! have not played in Amsterdam for more than a year but return with new lights, new music and a new friend; Mat Pogo.

Set 1:

Mat Pogo

- electronics and voice

Mat Pogo makes unforgettable performances with little means, his voice and a cd player. With a kind of medieval dark comedy he always gets under the skin of his audience. His other bands include Jealousy Party, B Unit and POKEMACHINE (with Anders Hana).

Set 2:


Anders Hana - Guitar, keyboard
Morten J Olsen - Drums, electronics

MoHa!, probably one of our favourite bands, are a Berlin based Norwegian duo who defy all precedents, preferring to set their own. Over time their style has moved through extreme free improvised music to meticulous compositions which circumvent stylistic categorisation. They tour frequently with their own sound system and over the last couple of years their set has been augmented with an intense light show which is an integral part of the music.

Overtoom 301,
1054 HW Amsterdam