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8 March 2010

*Uncle Woody Sullender & Seamus Cater / Sleep Gunner *
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8 March 2010

Set 1:

Sleep Gunner

Jeroen Kimman - Guitar, banjo and electronics
Mark Morse - Resonator guitar and electronics

Sleep Gunner are an Amsterdam based guitar and electronics duo, updating the repertoire of the close harmony country music heartbreak duo The Louvin Brothers. Sleep Gunner don't sing, instead they try interpret Ira and Charlie's high lonesome twists and turns of melody with guitars and electronics. The absent lyrics are a curious mix of repeated abandonment by cold-hearted women and stern-yet-dubious Christian moralising.

Set 2:

Uncle Woody Sullender & Seamus Cater

LP Release concert - When We Get to Meeting

Woody Sullender - banjo, computer
Seamus Cater - re-tuned harmonicas

Woody Sullender and Seamus Cater play the first concert of their European tour to promote their first album When We Get to Meeting. Recorded in Amsterdam and rural Germany, this album explores a wide spectrum of contemporary music and folk equally rooted in minimalism and spectralism, as in the folk traditions of each musician's homeland (Cater from a family of English folk musicians; Sullender from North Carolina).

The harmonica and the banjo have a lot of cultural baggage and while Cater and Sullender have a background in experimental music, the folk associations of their music are by no means negated.