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24 April 2010 @ Occii

*Master Musicians of Bukkake / The FR╚DERYCK N┘YEGEN Seaside Memorial Band / Sludge Magnet *
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24 April 2010 @ Occii

DNK moves into darker territory at Occii...

Master Musicians of Bukkake

Master Musicians Of Bukkake: This is the first sound of NO-AGE. Vibrating stones transmitting the last echos of electrified psychic attacks. Now the NO-AGE has begun a void time...

The FR╚DERYCK N┘YEGEN Seaside Memorial Band

James Beckett - electric hurdy gurdy
Koen Nutters - electric bass hurdy gurdy, percussion
Morten J Olsen - drums

The FR╚DERYCK N┘YEGEN Seaside Memorial Band sees itself healthily into it's fifteenth fruitful year, following last years wonderful LP "14 years in the fond company of ...". Staying true to the forlorn commemorative genre, the subtle hurdy-gurdy lead of James Beckett is, as always, accompanied by the raw bass-hurdy-gurdy warmth of Koen Nutters as well as the distinct percussive embrace of fellow statesman and co-founder Morten J Olsen. Fresh vegetables and juice will be served some days after the ceremony. The new LP will also be on sale, - in a limited edition of 200.

Sludge Magnet

Lo-fi Doom/Sludge Trash:
Xccothl - vocals
Baron von Nuttersdorf - bass
The Barnacle - amplified cymbal, crap
Socks Mikkelsen - electronic drums
Alley Cat Mansky - acoustic drums

A new Amsterdam doom metal band made up of young art school talent, a gentleman of nobel decent and a crustacean. An experiment in Lo-Fi metal soundscapes framed by the slowest beats imaginable. Prepare yourself for a trip through the 9 circles of hell (on earth).

DNK DJ Unit (the snail + guest)