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4 April 2010

*DNK Days Festival - DNK Ensemble plays Michael Pisaro & Koen Nutters - In collaboration with Pianolab *
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4 April 2010

DNK Day 175 at Goethe Instituut

The DNK Ensemble plays pieces byMichael Pisaro & Koen Nutters. This event is organised in collaboration with Pianolab

Michael Pisaro
Fields Have Ears (5) (Vapor)

Michael Pisaro is a composer and guitarist resident in California. He is a member of the Wandelweiser Composers Ensemble and a resident professor in composition at CalArts, . He is known for solo works and works for variable instrumentation. Whilst his works have been performed extensively around the world he is still a relatively unknown composer and we are very happy to be presenting his work under the DNK banner.

Koen Nutters
Flocons d'amour

Koen Nutters is the artistic director of DNK Amsterdam. He is a composer, upright bass player and band maker. Notable bands include The Pitch, TAPE THAT, Office-R(6), Mayas / Nutters / Olsen / Galvez Quartet and many others of shorter and longer lived duration. As a composer he has produced many works for Amsterdam and Berlin based ensembles and continues to explore form and structure through traditional as well as unconventional means.

DNK Ensemble
Yolanda Uriz - Flutes
Carlos Galvez - Clarinets
Jan Willem Troost - Cello
Dante Boon - Piano
Enric Monfort - Percussion

Herengracht 470
Concert begins at 20:00
7 Euro entrance