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22 March 2010

*DNK in collaboration with NIMk: Film screenings - Charlemagne Palestine / Peter Liechti - Kick That Habit *
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22 March 2010

An evening of film screenings in collaboration with NIMk as a precursor for the upcoming 'In Flux' project.

In a similar vein to our Masterpieces Series, where we present performances and re-enactments of classic music and sound art works, this event is a screening of films made by or about important music makers. NIMk has allowed us to show works from their extensive archive and in our first instance of film screening we will show two films by Charlemagne Palestine and a documentary about Voice Crack.

Part 1:

Charlemagne Palestine - Body Music I & II

In two seminal performance-based exercises exploring themes of confinement and escape, Palestine instigates vocal-physical impulses and responses to resonant and reverberant spaces.

BM I -12:54 min, b&w, sound - 1973/74
BM II - 8:09 min, b&w, sound - 1973/74

Part 2:

Peter Liechti - Kick That Habit.

Peter Liechti's Kick That Habit transcends the usual parameters of documentary in a beautiful film about the Swiss sound art/music duo Voice Crack. Mixing elements of European free improvisation and Arte Povera, Voice Crack (Andy Guhl and Norbert Möslang) use cracked everyday electronic equipment to create abstract sound environments.

Free Entrance