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31 May 2010

*Edward Janssen and Seamus Cater: The visual evidence of 35 hours common labour. *
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31 May 2010

Edward Janssen and Seamus Cater

The visual evidence of 35 hours common labour.

The visual evidence of 35 hours common labour is a collaborative performance by Edward Janssen and Seamus Cater. It is also an object, and an action, where the act of labour is explored through a common task augmented with a collection of songs, video and text.

Edward Janssen is a performance artist creating poetic durational works using newspapers, writing, light and video. He makes deep mediative connections with audiences by combining physical and imagined spaces. His work has been shown internationally in numerous institutions including PS1 (New York).

Seamus Cater is a musician and songwriter equally at home with experimental music as more popular and especially folk music forms. His subject matter is mostly derived from historical and contemporary biography, using folk song structures while updating their thematic possibilities.