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14 September 2009

*Anecdotal Music #2: Seamus Cater, Fritz Welch and Viljam Nybacka / Yolande Harris *
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14 September 2009

Anecdotal Music #2:

Seamus Cater, Fritz Welch and Viljam Nybacka

The Folk Music, the Whale and the Sea.

Seamus Cater - Rhodes, harmonicas, vocals
Fritz Welch - Percussion, vocals
Viljam Nybacka - Percussion, Ukulele, vocals

With songs and music, three musicians deal with the history of whaling in the 18th and 19th century sense, expanding this to include folk music and the sea. Using firsthand musical / anecdotal texts and writings of A.L. Lloyd, Herman Melville and Bas Jan Ader, DNK's Seamus Cater is joined by Fritz Welch (Human Sacrifice / Peeesseye) and Viljam Nybacka (Brown vs Brown / .man).


Yolande Harris

Now Stripe Time

On tropical rain, dolphins echolocation and the pink noise of pleasure yachts in turquoise sea. A lecture / performance with live manipulations of field recording and video.

Thanks to Fonds BKVB and STEIM.