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23 November 2009

*Jeff Carey / Raed Yassin*
series for
new live
and acoustic
music in
23 November 2009

Two solo performances, the electronic and the acoustic.

Jeff Carey

- Databurst - solo computer

Jeff Carey presents Databurst, a new work for computer and four speakers. His last work, Untitled (for speaker quartet), re-defined music for quad system by treating each speaker as an individual performer, performing variations of similar material whilst creating perceptions of frantic motion in the sound field.

Jeff Carey is an american composer and electro-instrumentalist who focuses on novel sound generation techniques ranging from feedback systems to non-standard synthesis. His electronic compositions are the expressions of structural possibility using composed algorithms where sound is elastic, non-linear, multi-dimensional, and part of an indivisible whole. As an electro-instrumentalist, he is dedicated to making self-built synthesis software a viable live performance instrument: no editing and no non-realtime operations. A blend of fixed-media composition and electro-instrumentalism -- his is the music of the visceral, ecstatic, and electric moment.

Raed Yassin

- FLESH - solo double basss

The Beirut / Amsterdam based musician Raed Yassin returns to DNK for a full solo set. Yassin has a highly individual approach to extracting music from the double bass, using a tightly composed array of small objects to tap into the instruments unconventional sonic richness.

In the semi composed solo double-bass piece FLESH, Yassin explores the very personal extended techniques he has developed through a decade of music practice. These techniques allow him to develop a new language on his instrument, using it as a whole body of sound and resonance.