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25 September 2006

*Justin Bennett / Juan Parra *
series for
new live
and acoustic
music in
25 September 2006

This concert focuses on solo musicians who play laptop as their primary instrument. Juan Parra and Justin Bennett are at once improvisors and composers with highly developed individual approaches to performing with this tool.

Set 1:

Tellura 2003 - Juan Parra
Electronic composition

Tellura is the result of an exploration into natural disasters that could be associated to the disturbance of electromagnetic fields. For the structure and distribution of the material, seismogram charts from different cities of North and South America were used. The primary sound material is recordings of sonar stations in the Pacific Ocean, where important telluric activity was detected.

This piece was granted with the Residence Prize in the Bourges Electroacoustic Music Competition of 2004.

Set 2:

Juan Parra solo

Accumulation of Hesitation II 2006 - Juan Parra
for solo computer

This piece aims to expose a journey through the apparent densities of chaotic behaviors towards silence. The exposition of the first are done through sequences of semi-autonomous soundscapes, that are shaped throughout the piece by means of deconstruction, transposition and displacement. Silence manifests by itself. If we are lucky.

Set 3:

Justin Bennett solo

Justin Bennett - laptop

"Wildlife" - processed field recordings in surround sound.