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9 October 2006

*Harold Schellinx and Element-Aire / Miyake, Terauchi, Heggen, Fischer *
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9 October 2006

Set 1: In three parts.

Harold Schellinx and Element-Aire (solo, duo, and trio)

Harold Schellinx - Tapes and Instruments
Jean-Jacques Duerinckx: sopranino sax and stereo microphonic couple.
Fabrizio Rota: synth, laptop and live electronics.

Set 2:

Miyake, Terauchi, Heggen, Fischer

Tamaho Miyake, voice, theremin, recorder
Daisuke Terauchi, voice, recorder, chaos pad
Rozemarie Heggen, double bass
Michael Fischer, saxophone, violin, feedback

The members of this ensemble are involved in the areas of composed electro-acoustic and acoustic music. They approach improvised musical textures with the knowledge, experience and involvement in their compositonal practice and this informs their approach to improvisational ideas.

Their awareness of their cultural difference manifests as a permanent unconscious reflection of these circumstances and differences, incorporating a highly differentiated idea of composing musical parameters - material, dynamics, sound and silence - as a representation of these considerations.