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20 November 2006

series for
new live
and acoustic
music in
20 November 2006

Set 1:

Tape That - The Catalogue

Christophe Meierhans - Samples, Mixer, Microphones
Koen Nutters - Objects, Microphones, Tapes

TAPE THAT tapes almost everthing and layers it with almost everything else. Not soundscapes, but carefully constructed pieces of music created by juxtaposing different kinds of sounds in different layers of acoustic and associative perception.

The duo will be playing pieces from their "Catalogue of Flat Hits": A growing collection of short, static, pieces, currently 99 in number, made up of amplified object sounds, samples of object sounds, field recordings, and real time ambiance manipulation.

TAPE THAT is part of the N Collective, an international network of musicians, improvisers and composers.

Set 2:

MACHINEFABRIEK - Solo Electronics

Arnhem based musician Rutger Zuydervelt (aka Machinefabriek) has been creating quite a buzz with his recent debut release "Marijn" on Lampse AudioVisual Recordings. Equally buzzing are his live performances which bedazzle the audience with a mixture of sound art, processed toy instruments, guitars and domestic appliances, the basis of his musical language. Machinefabriek mixes pre-recorded material and live instrumentation to create dense and abstract sonic environments. Drone on!.