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8 January 2007

*Gert-Jan Prins' Afregel Salon with Brian Mckenna and Gijs Gieskes *
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8 January 2007

| AfregelSalon | Soirée Modification | II of IV |

A series of four evenings featuring artists with and around Gert-Jan Prins.

II: Gameboyance & the revival of the Videosynthi

Gert-Jan Prins
Brian Mckenna

Gijs Gieskes.

Gijs Gieskes is a designer who focusses on instrument building and making music with Game Boys. For this concert he's planning the synergetic advantages of a Casio SK-1 for audio and two cicuitbended Sega Mega Drives for visuals.

Brian McKenna has designed and built an analogue audio/video synthesizer which creates images from audio inputs and allows VGA colour video components to be altered and reproduced via ordinary audio equipment. Brian completed degrees in music and visual art in Canada and the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. His audio, video, and installation work investigates specific and literal relationships between image and sound.

This AfregelSalon series will include all manner of happenings, AV experiments with analogue and digital devices, found objects and other self-made gear. The focus is on bringing inner machine worlds to the outside audiovisual domain.