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16 January 2006

*Three sets: Vowundoer / van Andel, Nutters, Habbestad, Harries / FDBCK/AV.
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16 January 2006

As a very special event this weeks Kraakgeluiden will be playing upstairs, in the cinema of OT301.

Set 1:


Live Cinema with Marcel Kaars & Didi Fayer.

Vowundoer is a ‘machinima-film’ about the romantic aspects of love, death, rhetoric used by priests and heretics, and Kaars' own recycling techniques. In short, a low-budget version of the classical drama. All scenes have been modelled using essential 3d methods, after which they were converted, marginalised and tortured into ‘game level’ bite-size chunks. The film is partly first person narrative, partly scripted camera and partly 3rd person camera.

Set 2:

Instant Music presents ‘The Laboratory on Tour’.

Jelte van Andel: bass,
Koen Nutters: bass,
Bjørnar Habbestad: bass processing, flute,
Guy Harries: laptop, sampler.

Set 3:

Live Cinema, with FDBCK/AV

A live performance where Bas van Koolwijk generates feedback circuits between audio and video signals, where sound and image become two facets maintaining a constant data flow. Parameters where the interpretation of picture to sound on the one hand and sound to picture on the other are the instruments on which flow is played out.

"One of the best examples of work on the impalpability of the medium of electronics has been developed by the Dutch artist Van Koolwijk. His work analyzes the disturbances produced by video, transforming them into numeric code, in order to produce a visual and acoustic sequence of extreme elegance and power."  [Netmage Festival 2003].