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12 March 2007

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12 March 2007

Due to technical problems during last week's concert, we will be re-presenting "TIK", an electronic composition by Wilbert Bulsink. Following this piece we present:

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Featuring: Gert-jan Prins and Bas van Koolwijk.

Part 1:

"Synchronator" (special VGA version)

a video by Bas van Koolwijk and Gert-Jan Prins.

The audio-visual reseach project Synchronator was developed within the framework of an "IMPAKT" residency, spring 2006.

Part 2:

"Red Flag" (live) by Bas van Koolwijk.

a live performance of the FDBCK/AV project Red Flag in which a feedback control circuit between audio and video signals serves as an instrument.

The video FDBCK/AV - Red Flag is on show at Artspace "Nieuwe Vide" in Haarlem until March 18.

Part 3:

"Break before make" (live) by Gert-jan Prins.

An Audio/Visual performance with recently developed gear.


AfregelSalon/Soirée Modification is a sub-series of DNK-Amsterdam curated by Gert-jan Prins. It includes all manner of happenings, AV experiments with analogue and digital devices, found objects and other self-made gear.

The focus is on bringing inner machine worlds to the outside audiovisual domain.