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26 March 2007

*STROM: Baghdassarians, Baltschun, Bosetti, Doneda. *
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26 March 2007


Serge Baghdassarians - electronics
Boris Baltschun - electronics
Alessandro Bosetti - electronics and saxophone
Michel Doneda - saxophone

The french/italian/german/armenian quartet Strom plays an electro-acoustic music rooted in the various traditions of contemporary experimental and improvised musics. between ascetism, electronic micro-textures and organic sonorities, the music elaborates on the flowing and streaming (strom translates as electricity but also stream) and utilizes large dynamics as a counterpart. the saxophones mix very elemental as well as sophisticated techniques with the precise and disquieting sounds emanated by the reotrop and sampler. there is no prefabricated formal concept. the sensible process of improvisation is the motor which produces the flow. a constant listening between the musicians is taking place, with the space and all the occurring energies always present. the cd STROM was released on potlatch in 2004

“Strom manages to achieve a strong, harsh balance between the reeds and the electronics employed, resulting in a cleansing, abrasive bath of sound." Brian Olewnick