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1 November 2010

*ETHER DEBAUCH 2010 - Andre Avelas, Brian McKenna, ARAR. *
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1 November 2010


Four sound artists present three performances in an installed setting as part of their Ether Debauch European tour. Locals Andre Avelas and Brian Mckenna are joined by Louie Rice and Vasco Alves aka ARAR.

Andre Avelas

Andre Avelas makes performances, sculptures, installations and recordings which deal with the way in which audio is produced and how it creates meaning in relation to space and the conditions under which it is heard. He creates sculptures in which the physical process by which noise is produced is more apparent than any actual content of the sound itself. Central to the artistís practice is a focus on sound not as a carrier of content but as a malleable material which shifts and changes in relation to the methods and machines through which it is reproduced.

Major exhibitions include a solo show at IBID Projects (London) and group exhibitions in Amsterdam, New York (curated by Alan Licht), Basel (curated by Maxine Kopsa), Berlin (curated by James Becket). He is also working together with Koen Nutters on a piece with self built noise devices called, depending on the number of performers, The Avelas Quartet, Octet or Double Octet.

Brian McKenna

Through the use of analogue audio/video synthesis, McKenna's performances create mind-melting synesthetic progressions of visceral, seemingly abstract sound and vision. His continually evolving setups of self-built and heavily customized gear employ constructive and destructive interference patterns to the task of exploring resonances within specific space and time across hybrid media. Brian D. McKenna was born on the seismic rift between English and French Canada in the mid 1970's. Raised first in Scotland and England, he re-emigrated to the new-world for further indoctrination. After sleeping through high-school, and then obtaining degrees in music and visual-art, he relocated to Amsterdam to pursue a Masters of Fine Art and a life without automobiles. Currently living and working in Europe, he exhibits and performs internationally, forms one half of a band called VHSUHF, and likes to work at night.

ARAR aka Louie Rice and Vasco Alves

ARAR is a duo with Louie Rice and Vasco Alves. They have played and exhibited at the ICA, Bluecoat Gallery, Expo Leeds, Cafe Oto and 176 Gallery amongst others.

Louie Rice's installations are physically structured compositions of sound and scupltural form, specifically designed for the space in which they reside whilst his musical practice takes a cold approach to improvisation using electronics within amplified systems.

Vasco Alves is a sound artist who works with handmade electronic instruments and devices. His practice incorporates free improvisation, live processing, vinyl manipulation and makes explicit use of radio transmission and electro magnetic interference.