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23 May 2011

*The International Nothing*
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23 May 2011

The International Nothing

Kai Fagaschinski - clarinet
Michael Thieke - clarinet

The International Nothing is a clarinet duo that turned their thoughts in new directions to find the delicate pleasures one might not associate with such a group. Their compositions are focused on tone material in something like a pipe-organ style. They can in turn sound like one instrument or more than two, utilising the beautiful extremes that multiphonics have to offer. Their pieces have a warm quality and sometimes a slightly song-like flavor.

Mainstream, their first release on the Ftarri label has been followed by Less Action, Less Excitement, Less Everything. The unity of composition, playing, recording and artwork/design by Tanabemse make for an extremely desirable LP for both ears and eyes.

The two clarinetists always develop their compositions together. Their way of composing can be described as “empirical”. The music doesn’t begin from the mind of one musician, but relies instead on the ears of both, and on the long collective process of trying, failing, changing and developing ideas during numerous rehearsals until a piece is brought into its final shape.